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Why did I do this?


Many of us have devoted a significant amount of time to eating, and to talking and reading and thinking about eating. However, perhaps we have spent much less time thinking about where our food came from. Or who grew it or raised it or hunted it or collected it... or made it in a lab. But that may be changing.

Indeed, in these times, we are beginning to think more about food security, as we realize ever more clearly that in this province (NL) we are at the weakest link of the transportation chain - in an age of extreme weather and climate disruption. If we were not able to ship in food, we would not survive. We produce only around 10% of what we eat. Thus, without imports, we’d eat until about the end of the first week of February, and then we’d go hungry the rest of the year. That is not a good situation.

So it is time to talk about our food system, and the people who play a role in it.

A new weekly radio/podcast show hopes to contribute to that conversation. It is called “Fit to Eat: The NL Farm and Food Show.” It features conversations with farmers, processors, hunters, chefs, thinkers, innovators, homesteaders, researchers and eaters. And, to further lighten the tone, it includes music suggested by the interview guests. The first show was released on the first day of November, 2018.

It is available on a number of community radio stations (check with your local station, to see if they are carrying it), as well as on a number of organizational web sites. 

And it is always available on this web site.


Comments and suggestions are always welcome.

I hope that you join us. Oh, and feel free to have a snack as you listen in.

-Ivan Emke

Previous Shows (click on them to play)

Show # 7, Todd Perrin (Chef, Mallard Cottage), Quidi Vidi Village, NL

Show # 6, Chris Adams (NL Cider Company), Shoal Harbour, NL

Show # 5, Jim Purdy (Birch Lane Farm), Happy Valley Goose Bay, Labrador.

Show #4, Terri Lynn Robbins (Robbins Farm and Gardens) and Chris Oram (Mark's Market), Nicholsville, NL and Wooddale, NL

Show #3, Evan Murray and Brian Kowalski

Murray Meadows Farm and the Grounds Cafe, Portugal Cove, NL

Show #2, Krista Reader Chatman

Three Mile Ridge, Lethbridge, Bonavista Peninsula, NL

Show #1: Elvis Gillam,

Riverbrook Farm, Loch Leven, NL

Where else can I listen to the show?

There are several community radio stations which broadcast "Fit to Eat" regularly.  They include:

  • CHMR (MUN Radio), St. John's, NL, 93.5 FM, Thursdays at 13:30 (www.mun.ca/chmr/)
  • VOBB (Voice of Bonne Bay), Norris Point and Rocky Harbour, NL, 95.9 and 98.1 FM, Wednesday at noon  (www.vobb.org)
  • BOIR (Bay of Islands Radio), Corner Brook, NL, 100.1 FM, Tuesday at 6 pm (www.boir.ca)

The show is available through the National Campus and  Community Radio Association's Community Radio Exchange (http://previous.ncra.ca/).

The program is archived on the following web pages:

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